Fairies, Masks, Folklore, Drums, Dance, & DJ Mme Hair

Fairies, Masks, Folklore, Drums, Dance, & DJ Mme Hair


Welcome to The Wheel. We host events celebrating the changing seasons.

At Beltane and Samhain we host a Masquerade Ball that is open to everyone. Follow us here to find out dates and details or Contact eugenia@thewheel.ca

We are interested in:

-Smart, Contemporary, Interdisciplinary Art Collaborations
-Live Music
-Earth-Based Spiritual Practice
-Agrarian Traditions
-Bucolic Celebration
-Beltane Traditions, for ex. Maypole Dancing, Obby Oss
-Samhain Traditions, for ex. European Medieval Dance of the Dead
-Artists, Dancers, Musicians, Crafters, & Vendors
-Wildlife, Wild-Crafting, Re-Wilding
-Herbs, Herb Lore, Gardens, Art Gardens, Magic Gardens
-Costumes and Sets in Fairy-Tale themes
-Amazing Foods and Kitchen Witchery
-Celebrating Friendships and Community

Contact eugenia@thewheel.ca if you’d like to get on our e-mail list, be sent cool things in the mail, come to our events, help out, participate, or donate.  Everyone has a part to play, and if we work together we can build some really amazing moments.